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Nissan debuts dirt repelling paint job for your car

If you hate cleaning your car as I do, then Nissan’s latest prototype video will be right up your street. Designated as a “self cleaning” car, essentially Nissan has sprayed down a Note with a hydrophobic and oleophobic material that – according to the video at least – keeps your …

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Nissan to fix 5,000 Leaf cars: startup problem

KitGuru doesn’t often write editorials on the motoring sector, but the Nissan Leaf is a very exciting piece of technology which was the first total electric design. Sadly for Nissan the initial launch hasn’t gone as smoothly as was hoped. They are launching a repair service to fix more than …

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iAds picking up steam, Nissan and Unilever happy

The world of advertising is a complicated one and almost all sites on the internet need it to survive. Apple have been keen to get into the application market and since June they have been selling ads to run in applications for the iPhone. A potentially massive audience of tens …

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