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iAds picking up steam, Nissan and Unilever happy

The world of advertising is a complicated one and almost all sites on the internet need it to survive. Apple have been keen to get into the application market and since June they have been selling ads to run in applications for the iPhone. A potentially massive audience of tens of millions of people.

The results so far, according to Unilever and Nissan are positive – with good responses to the upcoming Nissan Leaf Electric Car and Unilever's Dove Soap products.

“We're seeing clicks at five times the normal clickthrough rates,” says Chad Jacoby, senior manager of Nissan's media operations group.

Rob Candelino, U.S. Marketing Director for Unilever says 20% of the clicks he received for the Dove Men & Care Ad have been repeat visits.  Initial iAd advertisers include Nissan, Unilever, Walt Disney Co. and J.C. Penney.

KitGuru: Have we finally an advertising system that works?


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