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RIM CEO loses his cool and walks out of interview

It is always fun to watch a high powered executive get flustered, but today RIM’s CEO Mike Lazardis just had enough when the BBC were questioning him about security issues.

Lazardis took a wobbler because the BBC interviewer suggested that RIM and the Blackberry software had issues in India. The CEO just kept saying it was ‘unfair’ and instead of explaining in detail why, he just lost his head and left.

In hindsight, the interviewer might have wanted to choose his words better. The Indian government couldn’t crack the Blackberry messaging and email servers, leading to ban threats if RIM didn’t allow them to access the company servers.

Lazardis has been having a tough time, especially with recent less than stellar launch reviews of the Blackberry Playbook. We would have assumed however that he could have debated the issue a little further, because it always looks bad when a leading executive won’t discuss the problems in a little bit more detail, before walking out. Especially when they have been known to fight for the consumers privacy.

KitGuru says: No security problems. Iconic product?

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