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Samsung making rugged Galaxy S4 tablet

Samsung are proving a major problem for Apple, in the last 6 months they have driven their own sales at the expense of Apple. There seems no sign of the Korean company slowing down either with announcements for a whole new range of devices targeting a wide audience.

Interestingly, Samsung are now targeting the demanding ‘outdoors’ audience who need something stronger than an iPad. The Wall Street Journal say that ‘people familiar with the matter’ spoke with them and that the rugged S4 is being named the ‘Galaxy S4 Active’. It will be water proof, dust proof with design ideas taken from the Galaxy S4.

Companies such as Dell have had success with their XFR E6400/6420 super tough laptops, and without doubt there is an audience who demand something that can withstand less than ideal working conditions.

There are no other details on the rugged device, but we would expect there to be a price premium when compared against the regular version.

Kitguru says: My friend breaks every smartphone and tablet he lays his hands on – this might be his solution.

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