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Kaspersky say more money needs invested in stopping cyber attacks

Eugene Kaspersky, chief executive of security firm Kaspersky lab has spoken out to say that all businesses are victims or cyber attacks ‘whether they know it or not’.

Kaspersky made a speech at the Infosecurity Europe 2013 conference in London. He said that organisations should be doing everything they can to secure their data. He said that even the smallest businesses can be targeted and he pointed out that many of these businesses are used as a ‘stepping stone’ for attackers to get into much larger organisations within the specific supply chain.

He said that all businesses, consumers and governments have a ‘critical role’ in stopping cyber attackers from infiltrating systems.

Kaspersky said governments around the world need to invest more money in creating personnel with the skills to combat these attacks. There are simply not enough skilled people able to deal with serious cyber attacks. Code can be installed compromising systems without companies even knowing they are vulnerable.

He urged companies to spend resources educating and training staff so attacks could be stopped before they grew out of hand.

Kitguru says: Many of the attackers end up working for the companies they compromised. Who better to protect the systems after all?

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