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Samsung release Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany, Apple not happy

Apple managed to get a temporary ban against Samsung tablet computers because the company said they were too alike the Apple iPad 2. A German court however has now granted sales of the new Samsung tablet, called the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, despite the objections of Apple.

The rejection against Apple means that Samsung can chalk up a victory in the ongoing battle between the companies. Dapd, news agency have reported that the state court in Dusseldorf have rejected Apple’s call for an injunction preventing sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany.

In this 2011 file photo, a lawyer holds Apple and Samsung tablet computers at court in Germany. Germany originally banned sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 because it too closely resembled Apple's iPad 2. Recently however a German court ruled Samsung could sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1N thanks to design changes. Sascha Schuermann/dapd/AP/File

The ruling says that Samsung have changed the design enough to prevent a breach of Apple’s rights or German competition laws.

Kitguru says: The latest ruling however will not diffuse the hostile stance between Apple and Samsung and the battle is ongoing.

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