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Samsung smartphones outselling Apple by 2 to 1

The battle between Apple and Samsung shows no signs of slowing down however there have been some very interesting statistics released which show that Samsung are outperforming Apple significantly in the smartphone market.

According to ABI Research and Strategy Analytics, Samsung claimed a third of the market in Q3. Strategy Analytics said that Samsung shipped 56.9 million smartphones claiming 35.2 percent of the market.

ABI Research said that Apple shipped 26.9 million units during the same three month period giving them 16.6 percent of the market.

Both of the companies have grown in the marketplace and Apple and Samsung dominate the industry, while the rest of the companies make up mediocre percentage figures. Apple saw a 57.3 percent increase and Samsung a staggering 102.5 percent increase.

Apple will experience a ‘boom' in sales figures when they factor in iPhone 5 sales. This should cause their marketshare to rise when the Q4 figures are released.

Nokia, the previous giant of the smartphone industry are reporting 6.3 million phones sold in the same time period, for a four percent market share.

Kitguru says: Apple V Samsung V everyone else.

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