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LG 84 inch 4k TV released in America – only $20k

Are you planning on upgrading your television to a new high definition model before the end of the year. Well the latest LG 84 inch 4k television might just tick all the right boxes …. well apart from the price that is.

They have released their first 4k TV in America,  the 84 inch monster called the 84LM9600. The pricing is set at $19,999 which actually isn't too bad, considering the new technology and physical size.

LG were in a ‘release' battle with Sony, who also announced their XBR-84X900, but it was only available on pre-order. Sony's version is due for release in November to the American audience.

The new LG 84 inch 4k television has a ‘Ultra High Definition' resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels which is increased from the 1920×1080 resolution we all enjoy today with Bluray discs. It is an LED display unit offering 8,000,000 pixels, or four times the detail of current full 1080p HD units.

The LG screen uses the LG Resolution Upscaler Plus hardware which will ‘deliver higher detail from current HD/SD external sources.' I doubt this will work close to the same level of pure 4k content, but most of us have experienced the current range of DVD ‘upscalers' which can enhance the image quality a little.

There is still no assurance that 4k will be accepted immediately, especially as the prices of the panels are still so high and there is no platform yet to fully support it on a consumer level. Blu-Ray discs will be rendered obsolete and we would imagine a new optical disc will be released in the coming years for the small audience who adopt the new technology.

The LG television not only sports a super high resolution panel, but it has CINEMA 3D Technology and the Smart TV ecosystem, featuring over 1,000 applications.

Kitguru says: Are you in line for a 4k television, or are you waiting on ‘Super BluRay' to be released?

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