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CES 2017: Acer’s new laptop is an ultra-wide powerhouse

Back in August, we got our first peek at Acer's upcoming Predator 21 X laptop– the world's first curved display laptop. Now at CES 2017, the laptop has officially taken its first step into the wild and more details have dropped. This crazy laptop features dual GTX 1080s, a 21-inch curved ultra-wide display and of course, a $9000 price tag.

Predator 21 X_07_575px

The Acer Predator 21 X's main marketing point is its 21-inch curved IPS display running at 2560×1080 resolution. The body of the laptop is a little reminiscent of the MSI GT80 Titan, which also featured a mechanical keyboard and a numpad that doubled as a trackpad.

Predator 21 X_08_575px Predator 21 X_01_575px

Under the hood you will find the latest and greatest in terms of both CPU and GPU, with an Intel Core i7 7820HK Kaby Lake CPU, along with dual GTX 1080s, making this one insanely powerful desktop replacement, though it also weighs almost as much as one. All of that hardware leads to a fairly heft package, in total, this laptop weighs around 9KG in total and measures in at 3.5-inches thick.

KitGuru Says: This laptop is an absolute power house but at that price, I can't see many people putting down the money for one even as a desktop replacement. If money wasn't a concern, would you consider picking up something like this? The idea of an ultra-wide display on a laptop is an interesting one but in my opinion this particular laptop is just too bulky and heavy to really be practical.

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