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Xbox one specs may get boost before launch

Rumour has it that Microsoft may be planning a hardware upgrade for the Xbox one, to compete better against the more powerful Sony Playstation 4. An anonymous source spoke to The Examiner and it would appear that Microsoft may be looking to increase the Xbox One processor speed.

The processor speed boost would help the console perform better in a variety of tasks. The site source denied suggestions that Microsoft was looking to increase the memory from 8GB to 12GB, as rumours previously hinted that the 12GB development kits hinted at future plans.

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are similar, both are based on an eight core APU from AMD although each are customised to meet the needs of each company. The Sony APU has more graphics processing hardware while Microsoft’s uses lower latency DDR3 memory. The Sony console uses GDDR5 memory which offers more bandwidth. So far analysts claim that the Sony Playstation 4 will be the more capable machine when it comes to handling intensive game titles.

Kitguru says: Microsoft have refused to discuss the rumours on any level however industry sources say that Sony are now taking an early lead in preorders. Microsoft may be wanting to redress the hardware imbalance.

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