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European Hardware Association Awards 2017 – Winners Announced!

After extensive voting by more than 100 experts from the European Hardware Association, the winners were announced to a packed house in the W Hotel in Taipei – on the eve of Computex 2017.

This was the 3rd annual awards ceremony presented by KitGuru – along with our partners sites from across the region. While some categories might have been predictable, there were some major surprises in the CPU and Overall categories.

Here is a full list of the winners. We encourage you to check and see if our list of ‘the best products on sale across Europe’ matches yours!

KitGuru says: Well done to all of the finalists – and special congratulations to the winners in each category!

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  • Ramin Rostami

    amd ryzen reaky very very powerfull , very low temprature,so long life (full load=57°), very high technology, graphic and mouse connect direct to cpu,so very very smooth in games
    can learn your actions and render films very fast

    i must say warm thanks to dr su and designers

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