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Samsung is now working on stretchy OLED displays

Over the last few years, Samsung has been experimenting with different display technologies, including foldable and rollable OLED displays. This week, the company has added another emerging technology to its roster, stretchable OLED displays, with enough elasticity to bend in two directions.

We first heard about this new display last week, after well-sourced reports claimed that Samsung would be showing off its stretchable OLED very soon. As we now know, those reports were accurate, Samsung has even uploaded a video of its display in action.

Unfortunately the video itself isn't great. It is very dark and doesn't present the technology particularly well. However, you can see the display stretching outwards, which gives you an idea of what Samsung is going for.

Samsung is pitching this as “next-generation” display technology, which has some benefits compared to the flexible OLED displays currently in use on the market. The key benefit is that this display can be flexed in two directions, so when the screen is pressed from above, it depresses like a rubber balloon and then returns to its original shape.

Samsung reckons this technology could be used for AI in the future in addition to wearables.

KitGuru Says: The video doesn't really showcase any practical use for this sort of display but hopefully once the technology matures a bit, Samsung will be able to show off some better concepts.

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