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MSI displays Intel-based World Firsts at Computex 2014

Hot on the heels of its ECO drive, MSI has also been showing two World Firsts in the mainboard area. One is set to improve all round performance through superior bandwidth, while the other promises a high-speed interconnect for your everyday peripherals (or, at least, the ones you will buy when they are available). KitGuru interrogates Joran Schoonderwoerd about his recent public displays.

While the world is starting to dip its toe into Intel's Tickety-Tock ‘K' chip refresh goodness, corporate eyes are on Q3 and the promise of a new set of serious chips for high-end professional chips and boards.

The idea of having memory sticks that have much faster throughput – sitting on a quad channel board – certainly bodes well for applications that saturate the bus on a regular basis.

In this area, MSI is claiming a World First. Please ignore the burst of green goodness in the bottom right hand corner, new batteries in the KitGuru flash gun seem to have temporarily saturated one corner of the board.



Similarly, while Intel's promise of USB 3.1 with Z97 has failed to materialise (with rumours rife that it has been let down by a chip supplier), MSI seems to have found an alternative source and ploughed ahead anyway.

Here's Joran, chipping in with an index finger – just when we needed it most.


You just KNOW how much Cartman would appreciate the controller being made by ASMedia.


KitGuru says: Anyone who's sat at on their PC when a full backup kicks in, will have desired the kind of bandwidth that DDR4 on X99 promises. At the same time, we've ALL wished for a faster data transfer to/from USB devices. Nice to see someone innovating with technology that will improve many, many lives.

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