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Asus Maximus VI Extreme beats OC competition at Computex

It looks like it wasn't just G.Skill that was ahead of the curve at Computex‘s overclocking competition, with Asus also walking away a champion, by helping to claim new performance records for a variety of different synthetic benchmarks.

ASUS announced today that it helped achieve world records in the following: SuperPi 32M, Haswell CPU Frequency, SuperPI 1M, PiFast, wPrime32M, wPrime1024m, Aquamark 3, 3DMark01, 3Dmark 11 (performance) and 3DMark Firestrike (extreme). The only record that the ASUS board wasn't able to eclipse, was the Haswell memory frequency one, which remains at 3782.8MHz.

However, everything else tumbled quite spectacularly, with liquid nitrogen, insulation and copper piping everywhere. Perhaps the most impressive was the CPU frequency record, which saw the Asus Maximus VI Extreme take a 4th gen Intel i7 CPU, all the way up to a ridiculous 7.1GHz.

This strange looking GPU was also on show, described as the GTX Titan Andre Edition, requiring five PCI express six pin power connectors.


No DVI cable for it though?


For a load more pictures of the event and a bit more information, check out ASUS' site here.

KitGuru Says: Impressive stuff. That 7.1GHz in particular. Anyone remember when Core 2 Duo was released and the 10 second SuperPi barrier was breached? That was a big deal at the time. 

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