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Antec shows off new PC cases at Computex 2015

Our coverage of Computex 2015 continues, today our own attendee, Leo Waldock, swung by to visit Antec, who have been showing off some new desktop PC cases- one of which we saw teased last week, just ahead of the event. 


First up, we got a look at the upcoming signature series Antec S10 chassis, built out of aluminium, this ultra-high end case sits at around £500. Features include three main compartments with a ‘basement’ for the power supply, lots of room for fans and additional cooling, plenty of dust filters and as you can see, there are a lot of drive bays on offer.

S10G S10G build
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Next we get to take a look at the upcoming S10G with a tempered glass window. This case comes in at the same price as the S10 aluminium, sitting at around £500. As you can see, you can pull off some nice looking builds with this case.

Antec P50

Now Antec isn’t exclusively showing off its most expensive cases, there are a few mainstream options available, including a P50, which is a squared-off style case with a big window for showing off your hardware. Lots of space for cooling and drive mounts on the rear of the case.


Finally we have the Antec GX900, a more military-style case. Availability of this case will be limited to non-European countries as the last case in the GX series did not sell well over here.

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KitGuru Says: Be on the lookout for our review of the Antec S10 in the near future!

Thanks again to Leo for attending Computex 2015 on behalf of KitGuru. 

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