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LulzSec target Sony claiming to have control of network

UK newsite TechEye have an interesting story running this morning which claims that Hacking group LulzSec have control of Sony’s network.

LulzSec’s twitter account had some tweets saying that information has already been stolen from the Sony servers as part of an ongoing campaign.

“Hey @Sony, you know we’re making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven’t even noticed? Slow and steady, guys,” LulzSec tweeted. Obviously right now Sony have neither confirmed or denied this, but if true then it would be a disaster for the electronics giant, who have been reeling for the last month after various attacks on parts of their network.

LulzSec did say on Twitter that they were not behind the huge PSN hack which targeted 100 million user accounts. They did state that Sony will be attacked further however as their high profile ‘attention’ makes them a viable target.

KitGuru says: We cannot confirm or deny the story, and it could be the case of just another hacking group vying for attention.

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