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Microsoft decide to nurture hackers

It has been a tough lesson to learn for Sony, but it appears that at least Microsoft are learning from their mistakes. Microsoft General Manager in Ireland Paul Rellis has revealed that the company has learned from Sony’s aggressive stance to the PS3 hacking and the damage that was caused to them by the hacking community.

A 14 year old boy from Dublin attempted to break into the Xbox Live Network and Microsoft are said to be supporting his talent after finding out about his attack. The boy caused an alert when Microsoft detected the intrusion, fearing that users personal data may have been compromised.

Paul Rellis: Microsoft

Rellis has revealed that Microsoft are now working with the teenager to help develop his abilities and to use his skills for future, legitimate purposes. Obviously, the hacking community will warm to this stance and many say that is how Sony should have dealt with the PS3 root key exposure. Instead they went for extreme methods of prosecution which had huge ramifications for the Japanese electronics giant.

We would assume that Microsoft will be supplying him a lot of equipment and may be bringing him to develop his abilities for a future position in the organisation.

KitGuru says: Microsoft are certainly treading more delicately. A clever move on their part.

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