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Sony say PSN may get hacked again

It has been a hell of a year so far for Sony. The PlayStation Network was hacked last month, in what is classed as the second biggest security breach of all time. With the information of over 100 million users potentially in the wild they say they are unable to guarantee that it may not happen again.

Sony have been hard at work trying to tighten their network security and in a recent letter to members of Congress they said that they have enhanced firewalls, policy changes and increased the monitoring of their Playstation and Qriocity systems.

They aren't sure it will be enough however, and Kazuo Hirai, head of Sony Computer Entertainment said “No security system is absolutely foolproof, and changing conditions in the future can make a currently secure environment less secure.” He went on to compliment the skills of the hacking individual (or team) who compromised their network.

Kazuo Hirai: not sure if the PSN can hold up to more attacks in future

“These gaps in what we know are not for lack of trying by experts, but rather an unfortunate testament to the skill of those who perpetrated the attacks. Some aspects of the intrusion may never be known.” he added.

Sony have started rebooting and restoring their services in America and Europe earlier this month and they are due to get Japan back up and running with Singapore, Asia and Taiwan also in the works. Hong Kong and South Korea are still suspended until the end of the coming week.

Unfortunately for Sony they experienced other hack attacks in the last week, with Canada and Greece web sites also targeted by hacking experts.

KitGuru says: Sony are testifying before Congress this Thursday at a data security hearing.

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