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The pope joins twitter – enjoying the iPad

Who says the religious leaders are behind the times? Pope Benedict XVI joined twitter earlier this week, using the social networking site for the first time a few days ago.

He said “Dear Friends, I just launched News.va. Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI.” Not only that, but the new website also brings the social networking platform into the modern age with news streams and interactive content. The vatican also recently put their support behind an iPhone prayer application.

They have joined Facebook and Youtube in the effort to expand their readership and to attract the younger audience, who find the whole concept of religion stuffy and archaic. It seems to be working already, as the Vatican’s Twitter feed has already got 50,000 followers.

Steve Jobs will be a happy man this week as there is a wide array of iPads and Apple products involved in the launch, with a video of the pope using an iPad.

It looks as if he has still some time ahead of him to learn the interface, but we can just imagine him interacting with this followers and maybe even checking out the latest funny videos on Youtube when he is resting in bed in the evenings.

Visitors to the Rome basilica of St. John in Lateran can also borrow iPods while touring the grounds.

Kitguru says: ipods and iPads for prayer, whatever next?

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