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9 year old girl sends email to Steve Jobs, gets a reply

Holly Bligh, a 9 year old girl with a genetic condition called albinism which effects her eyesight, sent an email to Steve Jobs, and was stunned to get a reply in the space of a few hours. An uplifting local editorial piece by the Herald Sun in Australia reported on the interaction.

Holly, an Australian schoolgirl with a sight disorder emailed Steve Jobs directly, to thank him for the iPad. She was having problems in school and her iPad zoom feature replaced a magnifying glass for her studies. Her parents are very happy and say that she is enjoying schoolwork more now and that her ‘visual fatigue’ takes twice as long to set in.

Holly's iPad is a hit with her schoolmates. Picture: Ben Swinnerton Herald Sun

Holly with her mother, sent an email to Steve Jobs directly and was stunned to get a response in the space of a few short hours. Steve Jobs replied with “Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Do you mind if I read your email to a group of our top 100 leaders at Apple?”

He signed off with ‘thanks Steve’ and asked for a high resolution photograph of her, with the iPad. He mother said “I never thought we would hear back,” Ms Bligh said. “I know a lot of people think it’s just a great gadget, but it’s completely changed Holly’s life.”

Kitguru says: It is always great to see technology really making a difference to a child with a disorder or illness.

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  • Ned

    Cant see steve emailing her back. He has a team answering his emails and then the better ones probably get passed to him.

    Still, cool story…..

  • Brian

    good news, nice to see the apple execs making the effort.

  • overclockthesun

    great and he asks her for a high res pic of her with the iPad… as if he really cares about the kids condition. Just needs the pic to seem oh so humane……. hypocrites. Seriously doubt he even replied to her.

  • John Do

    Hear the word of Job 2.0 \o/

    Talk about total non news item *sigh*

  • Peter

    Very first line has a noob journalism mistake. It’s “affect” not “effect”–just saying. Kitguru is about professionalism right? 🙂