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Wimbledon mens final gets ‘glasses free’ 3DTV experiment

iPONT International is showcasing its 3D TV without glasses technology at BBC Television Centre as part of the BBC’s 3D broadcast experiment during the Wimbledon Championship men’s final.

On Sunday 3 July, screen supplier 3D Exposure, powered by iPONT’s glasses free 3D technology come together to supply 42” and 65” auto-stereoscopic (glasses-free) screens as part of the BBC’s first free-to-air 3D trial. Presented alongside other 3D TV technologies, iPONT & 3D Exposure will give visitors an opportunity to see what 3D without glasses looks like.

iPont have a device that converts dual-channel 3D video content for autostereoscopic display--3D that doesn't require glasses.

Matthew Young, director, iPONT UK; “The men’s final is such a focal event in the UK sporting and cultural calendar, so we’re thrilled to be part of it. While everyone loves the added depth and perspective that 3D brings, nobody likes wearing darkened-spectacles when watching sports as it detracts from the enjoyment. iPONT and 3D Exposure have come together to provide the audience with the screen and real time conversion. We’re also looking forward to their feedback as it will be immensely valuable for our ongoing product development.”

Kitguru says: Glasses free 3DTV? yes please!

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