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12 year old American develops amazing 1080, progressive

Technology is cool, but every now and then KitGuru loves flipping around the web and finding other sources of news and entertainment that may well put a smile on your face. Today is no exception.

America, like the UK, relies on innovation. In recent years, that has centred on entertainment and the HD experience. Well this afternoon, we have a 1080 innovation special for you – but without a computer in sight.

If not computers, then ‘WTF?’ we hear you ask. The answer is skateboards. With board legend Tony Hawk landing the elusive 900 back in 1999, only a few people in the world can pull off this trick with regularity. But what about going that ‘little bit further’? What about landing the complete Triple-360?

Malibu resident, 12 year old Tom Schaar has now become the first person to land a Triple-360, on camera, much to the delight of skaters everywhere (and his sponsor, Red Bull, who can now claim that Tom’s wings came from them).

Say "Red Bull" and "1080 spin" to a regular sports fan and they might imagine another Webber Vs Vettel high speed F1 race collision, but the amazing Tom Schaar is here to change all that. He has wings and they belong to one sponsor only (sort of).

On the MegaRamp at Woodward West in California, tiny Tom made his attempt. Having bought enough hot dogs and Red Bull for 3 days of trying, the young chap surprised himself by nailing it on the 5th try. There is a 70 foot roll-in ramp (just over 20 metres in new money), then a 50 foot flat bit (around 15 metres), before you hit the real quarterpipe.

After, Tom said “I’m pretty stoked”, which seems to be American for pleased.  MegaRamp specialist and skating  icon, Bob Burnquist, said “He’s a Spinning Machine!”

Want to see how it’s done?  Check this video.

KitGuru says: We expect tourism in the area to take off. Jokes aside, congratulations to Tom – he’ll be dining out on this for the rest of his life. Also, we suspect that he may no longer struggle to get dates for proms etc. Just a guess.

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