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Google to sell tablets directly to customers?

We have already heard rumours of Google and Asus combining to sell a $199 Nexus tablet and Google may now be resorting to old ways to distribute products. Rumours have it that Google will open its own online store to sell tablets directly to customers.

Just like the Nexus One, which Google marketed and distributed all by itself, the tablets will encounter the same experience. However expect the marketing sucess of these tablets to be greater than the Nexus One which was largely limited to press reviews and online advertisements.

Asus and Google could be combining to offer tablets for sale online

It is said that Google won’t manufacture any of the hardware itself. Instead leaving that duty to selected manufacturers; names thrown up so far include Asus and Samsung. The tablets will reportedly feature some form of Google co-branding.

Google may even go as far as subsidising the cost of the tablets in order to make them more price competitive with the Amazon Kindle Fire and other strong and powerful sub-$250 tablets that are bound to appear in the next few months.

Reportedly no firm date has been provided for the launch of the store but Google hopes to launch the store this side of Christmas. It could launch when Android 5.0 Jellybean becomes available later this year, however.

Kitguru says: This could be a strong success for Google; assuming they open it up to an international audience.

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