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VTX3D lets Radeon pricing have it with both barrels

While loyal customers of Dabs are being asked for more than £200 for a Radeon HD 7850, eBuyer has its HIS pricing down to around the £190 mark. Interesting, but not really good enough. KitGuru dons a Sherlock costume and goes in search of the Killer Prices.

While the GTX680 and Radeon HD 7900 series are things of joy/wonder and the cashing in of savings plans, the new 7800 series from AMD promises a much more affordable boost to your gaming experience.

While the old hands sit comfortably atop the graphics reseller pile, its down to newcomers like VTX3D to push hard in order to spread the word. Right now, they’re pushing as hard as they can on price – and it adds up to a win for you, the consumer.

Every little helps - and VTX3D is pushing hard to help you that little bit more


Looking for a 7870 at a very attractive price? Then prepare for the unloading of the second barrel with the price down to just £259 on the Overclockers UK web site.

KitGuru says: Sure, other sites and manufacturers may well follow suit, but we saw these drops coming and wanted to make sure that KitGuru’s readers know what ‘Good value’ looks like when they come to shopping online for the latest tech.

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