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Who’s going to Insomnia 58 this weekend?

Are you heading to the UK’s biggest summer LAN party this weekend coming? We are, or rather I am, but I’ll be flying the KitGuru flag, so the rest of the team are there in spirit. If you fancy a chat, a game or something in between, I’ll be around from Friday through Sunday so there will be plenty of time to get it done.

Insomnia events, if you’ve never been to one before, are a mixture of giant LAN party, with thousands of gamers hauling their PCs to the expansive halls at the NEC, and gaming festival. There’s booths to explore, new game prototypes to play, prizes to be won, swag to be bought or given out and much, much more.


They’re a lot of fun and KitGuru is always happy to pop along. This time though I’ll be bringing my PC, so once Friday draws to a close and I’m off the clock, I’ll be looking for a game. I have a few friends in tow that will no doubt have a few games planned, but if any of you fancy taking us on in Rocket League, I’d certainly be down for a challenge.

Other potential matchups might include a hunt in Evolve Stage 2, or if you have a few hours to kill we could take a stab at an epic Age of Empires II battle. I’m sure we’ll get a Don’t Starve Together competitive server up and running at some point too.

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KitGuru Says: Otherwise I look forward to bumping into a few of you on the show floor. I’ll be the short one with the KG press badge.

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