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CCL proves you CAN build a PC in 3 minutes

At the UK’s biggest LAN gaming event ever, Multiplay i43 at Telford over the August Bank Holiday, there were TONS of exhibitors vying for the attention of the owners of the 5,000 pairs of feet that went through the halls over a 4 day period. Online store CCL had a smart idea on how to grab enthusiasts and create a crowd. The PCTV crew was on hand to shoot the winner build a PC in  almost exactly 3 minutes flat. Read on disbeliever!

Starting with a chassis that has the mainboard screwed down, CPU in and PSU ready to go, how long would it take you to assemble the rest of the system ?

Maryann with the lucky winner - who managed an offensive 3 minute build time. Sod.

Remember, you are competing against the clock – being watched/annoyed/cheered by a sizeable crowd and – when you have finished – the system must boot.

Yep, we’ll say that again.

It’s not enough to do all the cabling etc, it must also boot Windows, access the internet and load the CCL home page.

Roving reporter (and Thai Boxing enthusiast) Maryann, was on hand to speak with the two fastest challengers.Watch the video below and feel free to scrub through the actual building part (we asked the PCTV edit guys to leave it in – so KitGuru readers would have proof-positive that everything was 100% honest and above board).

KitGuru says: We’d die if the cabling inside one of our rigs looked like that, but MAXIMUM KUDOS to the speedy fingered contestants in this interesting CCL challenge!

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  • Steevo

    I think one of these guys built my sister’s p.o.s. Acer last christmas

  • DarkStarr

    Not quite building a PC. They didn’t boot and even if they did windows would have been preinstalled.

  • iRobust

    This should be titled “how long to slot a GPU card and hard drive into an existing system” assuming the mainboard does not have on board vga (if it does – how long to slot a HD and plug in the power cable). Hardly building a PC . my trained sloth could do this!!!!

  • Larry

    Its cool to watch the video, but I dont know how they could class it building a PC when the motherboard was already fitted etc. I dont know of any motherboards that come prefitted to a case.

  • Jugro

    That is almost as useless as being the fastest in stacking cups….

  • Fred Spell

    Per the vid, Jake already had the ODD installed so Buffy looked to actually be faster?

  • Daviez

    Steady on, it’s only a bit of fun 🙂

  • Procupine14

    Interesting competition but when I think of building a PC I think of a ground up project.