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YOYOTech joins forces with BMW in driving competition

The UK's main BMW dealer is located in Park Lane in the heart of London's West End. If you find yourself down town for the sales (either of your own volition – or propelled by your other half and an insatiable need to max out the credit card), then maybe you can drop into the home of the M3/M5 and put your skills to the test on an £8,000 PC. KitGuru dons the driving gloves.

When KitGuru ran a mini-series of articles on the YOYOTech Aurum 24K, one thing was for sure: Very few people would be looking to fork out £8,000 for a system – but we all want to know what ‘tomorrow' might look like.

With computer technology, there is an inevitable move from ‘extreme' to ‘affordable' – although it might take more than 24 months for nVidia Titan GTX SLi level graphics to become ‘affordable' for most people.

According to YOYOTech, the folks at Forbes put it very succinctly back in November when they asked something like “What if money were no object and you wanted the ultimate high resolution 4K gaming PC? The YOYOTech Aurum 24K gives a glimpse of what's in store for future PCs”.

From 27th December to 3rd January, you can get hands-on with the £8,000 YOYOTech Aurum 24K at BMW Park Lane – as it delivers the smooth frame rates in a robust simulation.

Get on. Get warmed up. Deliver your hot lap, then sit back and wait to see if your time is the fastest.

The winner will receive a cool prize, plus the kudos of knowing that they are ‘simply the best at this'. You can also sit in a lot of very expensive cars  and breath in the smell of success.

Full details here.


KitGuru says: If you're into gaming, cars and super-expensive PCs, then what better way to spend time while your significant other puts you further in debt.

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