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PC Building Simulator – Building the Ultimate Watercooled PC

This time last year I checked out PC Building simulator for the first time and was surprised at how accurate and fun the gameplay was. The title allows you to plan and build you own virtual PC system with a range of components from various manufacturers. PC Building simulator has had quite a few updates over the past year with the biggest one being the addition of Custom watercooling. I thought this was a great opportunity to pick up the game again and plan my dream PC complete with a custom loop. 

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Web browser fluid physics simulator is mesmerising

The internet has a lot of fun time wasters on it, but very few of them can mesmerise you quite like a physics simulator. Often they’re very pretty and the fact that you can impact them with just a few clicks of the mouse can mean endless entertainment and wonder, …

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Check out this Oculus Rift lightsaber simulator

Most Star Wars fans have dreamt of wielding a lightsaber at one point or another and now thanks to the Oculus Rift- you actually can. Using some Optitrack sensors, and an Oculus Rift DK1, Benjamin Teitler was able to create a lightsaber training simulator from scratch. In the video you can see …

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Oculus is co publishing Eve: Valkyrie

One of the most impressive Oculus Rift demos that’s been showcased to date, is Eve: Valyrie, a first person, cockpit, space-shooter based in the Eve universe, but Rift support was an after thought – or at least that’s what we thought. In-fact, as it turns out, Oculus and Eve developer CCP Games …

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YOYOTech joins forces with BMW in driving competition

The UK’s main BMW dealer is located in Park Lane in the heart of London’s West End. If you find yourself down town for the sales (either of your own volition – or propelled by your other half and an insatiable need to max out the credit card), then maybe …

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