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Web browser fluid physics simulator is mesmerising

The internet has a lot of fun time wasters on it, but very few of them can mesmerise you quite like a physics simulator. Often they’re very pretty and the fact that you can impact them with just a few clicks of the mouse can mean endless entertainment and wonder, albeit until you get busted and told to get back to work. That’s just what this fluid, physics simulator within your browser does.

To operate this funky little simulator, all you need to do is start clicking and dragging. Doing so one way and then the other can create fun little swirling masses, though after a while it becomes a oily hodgpodge of circles swirling around each other. Never fear though, using the controls in the corner you can stop it and restart with a new click, destroying your previous construct with ease.

Ooh pretty…

It’s especially fun to right click somewhere and then left click on the opposite side of the screen, sending a railgun-like shot right through everything.

As usual with this sort of in-browser time wasting stuff, thanks to the chaps in the PCMasterRace subreddit for finding it.

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KitGuru Says: I spent way too much time playing around with this for “research,” for this news piece. Easily longer than I spent writing it. 

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