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PC Building Simulator – Building the Ultimate Watercooled PC

This time last year I checked out PC Building simulator for the first time and was surprised at how accurate and fun the gameplay was. The title allows you to plan and build you own virtual PC system with a range of components from various manufacturers. PC Building simulator has had quite a few updates over the past year with the biggest one being the addition of Custom watercooling. I thought this was a great opportunity to pick up the game again and plan my dream PC complete with a custom loop. 

Watch via our Vimeo channel (below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE

Within the game you walk around a virtual PC building workspace that has plenty of desk space to create entire computer setups complete with peripherals. I selected components such as a case, motherboard, memory, CPU, power supply and graphics card. However you can’t simply slot the components in and the game is accurate down to the point of removing panels and dust filters and screwing everything into place.

I was actually really impressed with how accurate most of the design is and even though it was virtual, designing a custom loop was actually a lot of work! The only feature missing is the arduous task of cable management – But I can’t say I was disappointed. I can’t wait to see what the game developers do next and I would love to see more options for customising the various components.

You can find my original gameplay video HERE when I played PC building simulator for the first time. 

Kitguru says: We love to hear from our readers! So do you think PC Building simulator is a great tool for enthusiasts or something you would never use? 


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