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Briony Games (livestream) – Ep 1: PC Building Simulator !

In the first of our new ‘Briony Games' series – reviewer and gaming addict Briony Hannam takes a look at ‘PC Building Simulator' – a new title which is designed to let people build their own virtual PC system. It could be used as a way of checking how a rig looks before buying the real, physical components online. Briony had never loaded this simulator before producing this video – it was recorded live as she played about with the software herself at home.

So what exactly can you do with this software? Apart from walking around in a virtual apartment, you have some locations to build a PC from the ground up, selecting components such as Case, Motherboard, memory, SSD, hard drive power supply and graphics card. You can't simply slot the components in either – as you have to remove panels, screws and mesh filters.

There is even an option to load an operating system, and to install software, run 3DMark Time Spy and even go into the BIOS for some overclocking. If your overclock isn't stable you will see the dreaded BSOD.

We won't get into the cable management just yet however, but check it out in the video above!

See Briony build her newest PC – live (with bloopers) – over HERE

KitGuru says: We are interested to hear what you guys think – Is PC Building Simulator genuinely useful and entertaining, or a stupid idea?

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