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Mars Mission for Minty Mouths @ i43

While the majority of the 3,000 gaming fanatics that poured into Telford International Centre over the Bank Holiday weekend were a reasonably well-bathed bunch, oral hygiene can be something completely different. KitGuru snapped a nice gesture from the Martians and wanted to share it with you.

Without doubt, Multiplay i43 was the biggest UK LAN event of all time. Which is a good thing. But the universe is full of Ying-Yang moments.

With at least 2,500 people staying overnight in the vicinity, morning breath was always going to be a possibility.

If you’re not sure what we mean by morning breath – or uncertain of how it can affect your life – trying kissing a dog and then speaking with a girl you like.

Knowing that this was a possibility, enter Mars, and its sibling brand, Wrigley to the rescue.

When we came into the main hall on Sunday morning, each and every seat was covered in mouth-freshening minty mints and Wrigley Extra chewing gum.

Small touch, and not likely to cause a dent in the confectioner’s coffers, but KitGuru is a fan of intelligent marketing – and this gesture solved a very specific and real problem.

Imagine you are a Pro-Gamer that's spent an entire evening creating morning breath by playing a pub quiz with 600 of your mates. How much would you love Wrigley next day if AquaTuning lady asked you a product preference question?

KitGuru says: Wrigley, we salutes you!

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