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Do Apple need women in the executive team?

Over the last week there have been many stories about Apple and their future. Since Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO, some are questioning Tim Cook’s abilities as a leader, as to whether he would be able to help create, direct and develop new products. Out of all the articles we have read this week, we stumbled across one which made for interesting reading.

An article posted on the Secaucus New Jersey News website by Judy Standifer questions Apple’s executive board, based around the fact that they are all men.

She says “With Steve Jobs gone, the Apple all-male executives need to promote women in the executive level. It is time for Apple to take a new direction.”

We would assume that there is no sexism in Apple, and Judy seems to agree as she says “This is not a question of sexism or gender discrimination.” but she adds “Still unaware in the direction it would take, Apple need some women to help run the show.”

We aren’t really sure why, as there is no mention of any female the Apple board are omitting based on a killer CV/Resume. Judy then adds that there are plenty of women who have careers as lawyers and who are well versed in intellectual property law and technology. The ‘Chipsters’ are a group of seven female lawyers who travel America to speak about the subject.

When it comes to taking a job as an IP lawyer however Judy says that the problem might be confidence “The problem is self-esteem. Even when over-qualified, women tend to question their ability to do the job. This is something not found in men even if they are under-qualified. The Chipsters said that women are often reluctant to ask what they need. They have a hard time expressing confidence in their abilities because women are viewed as caretakers and peacemakers.”

Tim Cook: taking over from Steve Jobs

While we are filling in the blanks, we would assume that Judy feels the executive board needs a few female representatives to perhaps help with development and to ensure that upcoming Apple products are well suited for both sexes.

An interesting point however is that the executive board has been all male for quite a long time, even under Steve Jobs control, and no one could claim they have failed.

Clearly with Steve Jobs gone, the board under Tim Cook still needs to prove itself when the new product development cycle is underway, but we aren’t sure that adding a few women would really make that much of a difference. No one really knows how Apple select their executive board, but we would like to think everyone is selected based on merit, not by their gender. Perhaps we are wrong.

Kitguru says: What are your views on the matter?

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