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Don’t buy from PLAY.com – hold that order

KitGuru spends half its time in bars and the rest passed out in the streets. Luckily, when we have our ears to the ground – that's when we heard the best rumours from a long way off. This being drunk and falling over works well. So what have we heard this time?

PLAY.com is one of the biggest online retailers in the UK. Its pricing is pretty competitive all year through anyway, but – for one day only – they are really going to be slashing and burning.

Getting ready for Christmas means having warehouse space free. That means selling everything that is not nailed down.

On 28th September, we're hearing that PLAY.com will dump every product it has onto the web site at the lowest price ever seen.

It's a one day, no holds barred, monster clear out designed to put your money in their bank account.

Don't spend with PLAY.com until 28th September, we think

Suppliers are being summoned to PLAY.com's headquarters and being shown diagrams of people with their pants around their ankles. This is the kind of support PLAY.com is expecting from its contacts. Which is good for you folks, we guess.

We've heard nothing from PLAY.com itself to confirm this killer sale is real. It would not be in PLAY.com's interest to tell you to ‘stop buying now, we'll have a much lower price on 28th'. That would be commercial suicide. that's what we're here for.

If you were planning to buy something from PLAY.com and really wanted a bargain, hold fire until 28th September and you could be pleasantly surprised.

KitGuru says: If these rumours are true and KitGuru readers can get a serious bargain by waiting until 28th September, then then that's fair play. Surely. Or fair PLAY.com should we say?

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