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Play.com looks to empty its warehouses – bargain city?

All businesses have sales. The periodic colonic that flushes out old stock and brings in a nice wad of cash to fund future purchases. Inboxes around the world are filled with announcements for these every day but, honestly, most of them aren’t for a business as big and successful as Japanese retail …

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Play.com clears house

The bigger resellers move such a huge quantity of kit, that their warehousing operations look more like production centres for jumbo jets. Periodically, they need to ‘flush the system’ in order to keep things healthy. Right now, that’s what Play.com is doing. On a jumbo scale. Delivering anything from A …

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Play.com security breach leaks out customer details

I received an email this morning from Play.com informing me that they have had some security issues with names and email addresses of customers being exposed. The email was delicately worded, blaming a third party marketing company used by Play.com. “We are emailing all our customers to let you know …

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Don’t buy from PLAY.com – hold that order

KitGuru spends half its time in bars and the rest passed out in the streets. Luckily, when we have our ears to the ground – that’s when we heard the best rumours from a long way off. This being drunk and falling over works well. So what have we heard …

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