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Play.com looks to empty its warehouses – bargain city?

All businesses have sales. The periodic colonic that flushes out old stock and brings in a nice wad of cash to fund future purchases. Inboxes around the world are filled with announcements for these every day but, honestly, most of them aren’t for a business as big and successful as Japanese retail giant, Rakuten.

OK, you wouldn’t expect to pay £10 for an older film, not in this day and age. But you might think that buying 4 popular films, in a bundle would cost more than £1.49. Now if we tell you that your DVDs will be delivered, anywhere in mainland UK, free of charge – you’ll start to understand the nature of the bargain. To the old folks here at KitGuru, this does seem to be an old-fashioned sale.

It doesn’t end with DVDs. Blu-Ray films at £25 was always a bad idea and even at £10 each, you’re going to struggle to get a queue of people interested. But what if you could get a whole heap of films under the banner “Two for £10”?  Click here to see what we mean.

OK, some things are slightly less of a bargain – for example the Core i5-powered MacBook Air, which is around £10 cheaper than buying from Apple themselves.

Go slow though, Play.com’s sale is not some kind of ‘second coming’ – you still need to do a price comparison – especially if you’re in the market for something like a 2TB Western Digital green drive, which appears to be a much better deal over at places like Scan.

Plenty of DVD bargains, but this Western Digital drive is WAY cheaper over at Scan... so be careful

KitGuru says: Sales are a nice thing and the AV part of Play.com’s selection is cool, but some of the hardware is less of a bargain than you might think. Long-term, Play.com’s hook up on low-cost international delivery with Japan’s national postal service could lead to bigger/better bargains. We’ll keep an eye on it.

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