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Apple add new features to Final Cut Pro X

Apple are due to update Final Cut Pro X with new features.

The Final Cut Pro X 2012 update includes:

  • Multichannel Audio Editing Tools
  • Dual Viewers
  • MXF Plug-in Support
  • RED camera support

Larry Jordan, video consultant and trainer met with Apple before the 2012 National Association of Broadcasters show and shared their plans.

Many people will be pleased to hear that FCP X will be able to read MXF files directly, without the need to convert to Quicktime beforehand. This will also apply to RED camera support, with native editing support finally added. Apple also said that Dual Viewers is ‘analogous to Source and Record monitors and that they will try to do it better than has been implemented in the previously.’

Apple have said that these aren’t the only new features coming with the update, but they will address some of the primary concerns raised by customers when the latest version was released. The NAB event runs through April 19th.

Kitguru says: Is this enough to keep the punters happy? Let us know what you think.

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