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Samsung Push Intel At DDR4

Samsung Electronics are reportedly trying to persuade Intel to launch its DDR4 memory supporting server platforms ahead of the planned 2014 scheduled release date. According to inside sources Samsung are citing concerns that making DDR3 chips are now unprofitable due to low prices.

Currently only Samsung and Hynix Semiconductors have completed the development of DDR4 products and are readying for the transition to the next generation of memory standards.

The memory market is still in an unstable state due to the near collapse of one of the biggest manufactures Elpida, and it is hoped that the early release of DDR4 memory will again stable the market. However the additional push could also be attributed to the fact that if the go-ahead is given, this will put Samsung in an even stronger position and cement their top spot in the channel.

Memory industry standards body, the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, is scheduled to publish the DDR4 standard, which will represent a significant advancement in performance with reduced power usage as compared to previous generation technologies, around mid-2012.

Kitguru Says: DDR memory seems to only get updates every 4-5 years. Are you looking forward to the new DDR?

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  • Franc

    interesting story. would be interesting to see how it goes however, as none of the current motherboards support it at all. another new series of memory to support? ekk.

  • Implied

    Fancy that, same Avatar.

    It’ll likely make a debut with a ridiculous price tag attached to it in mid-2012 yes, but we’ll see it Mainstreamed beginning with Intel’s and AMD’s 2013 Line-ups, rather than the 2012 Ivy Bridge/whatever, along with likely more new Sockets and by extension, new Motherboards required for these new Sockets. Would be the best time to implement DDR4 Support, 2013 Line-ups.

    Just in time for Next-Gen Consoles too. Excellent.

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  • Akzea

    Creo que se aplazará hasta el 2015 esta tecnología luego del incendio de las fábricas de Hynix Semiconductors ya que este siniestro afectará al mercado de memorias en general y componentes DDR5 por este año hasta el siguiente. Hynix Semiconductors es el proveedor de mas del 30% del mercado de memorias y componentes para tarjetas gráficas y otros.