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AMD Radeon price cuts come crashing through

Naturally, KitGuru has powerful sauces – thick, rich and spicy. But there’s always an element of doubt when bringing the best new stories to market. It’s possible that your sauce has it wrong, that you mis-heard or you’ve been lied to [been the subject of a good humoured prank, if you want to be nice – Ed]. When KitGuru brought you the ‘Two tribes go to War’ story last week, we could not have got it more right. Read on for juicy details and major savings.

In most cases, the entirety of a web site will update automatically. But sometimes you’re lucky and part of it (in this case, promoted offers on Aria.co.uk) actually seem to be coded by hand. As a result, we’re able to bring you a single screen grab with all of the price drops in place – on the one page.

Looking at these price drops, they are actually at the limit of what we thought would be possible in our previous story.

Serious drops on these chips mean that you could buy an SSD with the savings. Nice.

KitGuru says: We’re still waiting for nVidia’s reaction to AMD’s lead on price movement. Remember, no move from nVidia indicates supreme confidence from Jen Hsun and co, while a similar 30-50 drop means that the market is tight for everyone.

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