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Star Wars Edition XBox 360 for Xmas: R2D2 anyone?

Something of a collector’s item has been authorised by The Jedi Council. It’s an evolution of the XBox 360 into something unbelievably cute. But if you already own one – would you buy another? KitGuru considers what this new model means.

The pain in the arse about Microsoft’s updates to the XBox 360, is that each one delays the arrival of the next evolution of this massively popular console. It was a bitter-sweet experience to see the Kinect on display at i41. While it was really funny watching full blown men acting like full blown idiots – waving arms and legs and anything else that was available – you just knew what it meant. No ‘XBox 720’ for at least another year.

If all goes to plan and Microsoft launches an R2D2 Edition of the XBox 360 – then we won’t see updated console hardware until at least Xmas 2012.

Matt Buchanan was lucky enough to get up close and personal with the new George Lucas inspired hardware on behalf of Gizmodo and the results are incredibly cute.

We'd seriously advise against dropping the new XBox into a Dagobah-n swamp

You can almost see this little guy getting up and wheeling across your living room floor once you’ve gone to bed and no one’s around to notice.

More holes than a Swiss cheese - but each and every one of them has a function

KitGuru says: The whole point of a console platform, is to provide longevity – a stable target for game developers to aim at. As such, Microsoft’s innovations have focused largely in 2 areas, (a) storage size to improve usability and (b) improved process for the production of internals to reduce heat/failures. The R2D2 version of the XBox 360 is only likely to have a bigger hard drive. But it does look very cute.

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