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Sale bargains – check those labels carefully

Walking around the Boxing Day bargains, some KitGuru readers were keen to share their experience of what appears to be some quite blatant product mis-labeling. Naturally, we investigated, here are the initial results.

Over the years, there have been some classic mis-labeling incidents across the tech world. Some are legitimate, based on multiple understandings of what constitutes a gigabyte, a discrete graphics processor or a faulty TFT.

Others are more sinister, like a game claiming to be DX 9, 10 or 11 – when it's really a game from one generation back, but using a single ‘call' from the new API to claim modernity.

Another case we were sent comes from a UK-based photographer who has ordered a camera from a .co.uk web site – but now suspects that the ‘Reduced/Special Price' is too low for it to be a legitimate product.

In the Boxing Day sales around the UK, we were sent examples where products could not agree with themselves.

Here's one good example from Samsung (check the circled claim in the bottom right hand corner – compared to the large graphic).

Let us know if you see any others!


KitGuru says: In this instance, you need not worry. We put this Samsung SMART TV under the spotlight and it turns out that they are suffering from lazy graphic designers – the chip doing the driving IS a quad core processor. We'll update you if we see a lot of interesting posts on Facebook. Remember: No news is good news. 

Send us any examples of ‘strange packaging' that you know of, over on Facebook.

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