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New super camera to catch 50 times more motorists in UK

The collective groans of millions of motorists in the UK may be echoing across the country this morning as news filters out of a new camera system which may be adopted throughout the country.

The new ZenGrab LaneWatch Mk2, costs £17,000 per camera and it features twin lenses and night vision. They can be attached to lampposts and do not require advance warning signs such as a conventional speed camera.

The ZenGrab can be used to catch motorists who use bus lanes, make illegal u-turns and stray into box junctions.
zengrab camera

Manchester and Glasgow have already installed the new cameras with the intention of catching more motorists. Westminster Council have tested the new camera system in central London. The information from the council shows that the ZenGrab caught more than 1,000 motorists in a four week period. The traditional Gatso camera caught 271 offenses across an entire year.

Other local councils said they are interested in implementing the new camera technology.

Paul Watters from the AA spoke to the Daily Mail “Sticking up cameras to enforce every minor contravention is bordering on the immoral.”

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