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Rogue Safari DSLR pop up flash booster increases range

If you own a DSLR camera with a pop up flash and need more coverage then the new device from Expolmaging may be just the ticket. The Rogue Safari Pop Up Flash Booster adds a high powered flash, enhancing the range significantly.

This boosting device clips right onto the pop up flash, increasing the range by up to eight times. Expolmaging say it can increase the effective range of the flash by 60-70 feet and is specifically designed to work with lenses of 100mm or higher.

The device can take the light produced by a pop up flash and focus it so it forces the light over a greater distance. It doesn't require batteries either which make it ideal for traveling.

You can buy this now from the company in America for only $35 – and they list a full range of cameras it will support, over here.

Kitguru says: It may solve a few problems for some people

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