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Brolly – the umbrella to help with texting & arthritis

Have you ever been stuck in the rain and needed two hands on your umbrella to fight against the cutting wind? In this situation it is normally hard to text, but a new umbrella called ‘Brolly’ has attempted to address this problem by incorporating a handle system which leaves both thumbs free for texting.

This isn’t a gimmicky model, with a ridiculous design, following the traditional design of an umbrella, with added practicalities. There is a soft, ergonomic finger hole grip to make use of all four fingers, ensuring a steady hold in windy conditions.

Additionally, it looks as if the design could be beneficial for those with medical conditions, such as arthritis. It is said to reduce the amount of pressure needed to hold the handle firmly.

So far it has been announced in America for $19.95. We expect export options, or ebay sellers to offer it across the water to people in Europe.

Introducing the Brolly Rain Umbrella from Greg on Vimeo.

Kitguru says: thumb free for chatting with friends. nifty.

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  • adrian

    Lets hope they don’t try to trade mark the name which has been is general use in the UK for decades!