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Nikon showcase the D800 DSLR with 36.3MP sensor

Nikon have announced their D800 DSLR camera and have confirmed the rumours that it will incorporate a staggering 36.3MP sensor. The D800 is said to start shipping in March, and buyers will need to budget for huge storage cards if they want to take a lot of images in one sitting!

Nikon have unveiled the D800 in Tokyo Tuesday, and it is the source of much debate online already. A lot of the technology used in the flagship D4 camera is being incorporated into the less expensive D800.

It will be using a magnesium alloy body and is lighter than the previous D700 model, which was a very popular camera for Nikon with serious amateur photographers.

Obviously the main talking point is the staggering 36.3 megapixel sensor which Nikon claim is capable of image quality “equal to that achieved with medium-format digital cameras.” So for those people who want huge images for posters then the D800 looks to be sure to be the camera to buy this year.

The D800 has 100 percent viewfinder coverage, 0.7 magnification and a 51 point AF system. Additionally it has a USB 3 port and twin memory card slots for both CF and SD. It can also capture 1080p video at 30/25/24 frames per second, and 720p movies at 60/50/24fps.

The D800 is pitched at studio photographers, because due to the huge 36.3 MP design, the camera can only capture up to 4 fps. Sports photographers need not apply. The D4 is targeting the professional sports market with up to 11 fps, although the cost is much higher – at $6,000, almost twice the price of the D800 ($3,300). The D800 will not be as good in low light, much like the D3X, the current high resolution Nikon flagship model.

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