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Sony legal team play hardball against hackers

Sony have been successful in their court battles against hacker George Hotz. Bad news for them however this weekend because Mathieu Hervais, another hacker has found a way to exploit the 3.56 firmware from the company.

Afterdawn.com have said that Hervais will not release the details online, probably for fear of prosecution by the heavy handed Sony legal team. he has said on Twitter however “I hesitated a lot before tweeting about it, but a bug allows exploiting metldr, the bootloader and 3.56+. I don't intent to ever unveil it… So much for “unhackable” ps3s though.”

Hervais said he is not after fame or attention from the public (or Sony for that matter), but he wanted to let people know the bug is there for the finding.

George Hotz has already fallen foul of the Sony legal team as the U.S. Federal court have granted Sony access to the list of Internet IP addresses of whoever visited Hotz's website since January of 2010. Furthermore, the judge placed subpoenas on Google, Twitter and YouTube so they will give data to those who could have had access to information released by Hotz. Sony are now seeking to get damages from Hotz, however we aren't sure if he has a lot of money to give them.

Sony are not sitting back and taking this lightly, they have said that they are taking legal action against anyone who posts the hacking tools or the encryption key released by Hotz. Hotz might be sorry now that he ever got involved in hacking the PS3. His hack used the ‘OtherOS' function in the system, but Sony have since removed this feature from the platform to protect the machine aganist potential hacks.

KitGuru says: Sony are fighting back, and hard.

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