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RightHand Robotics utilises Intel RealSense technology

RightHand Robotics has chosen Intel RealSense D415 depth cameras to guide its RightPick 2 and provide “vital data for segmentation and all aspects of motion planning” that are needed when sorting and preparing orders.

Intel's RealSense cameras has been around since 2014, but the technology has perhaps never been as relevant as it is now since e-commerce has seen a sharp rise this year as a result of the global pandemic. However, social-distancing protocols have restricted the number of staff allowed on-site and many companies turn to robotics to keep up with the increased volume of orders.

Image credit: Intel Corporation

RightHand Robotics offers solutions to deal with the greater pressure that's being put on warehouses and its RightHand robot uses an Intel RealSense D415 that gives it the “ability to discern objects and their locations in a bin, while avoiding collisions when pulling them out”.

Intel said that “a single warehouse worker now has the ability to manage a fleet of robots, picking and placing thousands of SKUs instead of having to search warehouse aisles”.

KitGuru Says: It's fascinating to see how far Artificial Intelligence has come and how it can be put to use in a practical way to help both companies and employees to keep safe even during the pandemic. Do you welcome the arrival of AI or are you concerned by its rapid development?

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