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AMD and Intel expected to compete over TSMC production capacity

The competition between Intel and AMD has heated up significantly as of late and now the two tech giants may also be butting heads for production capacity. According to reports, AMD and Intel are vying for more of TSMC's business.

Last week AMD was able to overtake Intel in share price for the first time and now the rivalry between the two chipmakers are expected to heat up further as they're reported to compete for TSMC's production capacity. Intel has experienced a hard time transitioning to 7nm manufacturing technology and now, according to ChinaTimes, Intel is now in talks with TSMC for chip production, although AMD may also be bidding for a piece of that production capacity.

Image credit: ChinaTimes

TSMC is expected to double its 7nm production capacity during 2021 and at the same time the Taiwanese chip manufacturer has said that it's going to stop trading with Huawei by September of this year – opening up for Intel to claim some of TSMC's production capacity.

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