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Powertraveller silverback gorilla portable laptop power

Are you a hardcore traveller and need your laptop to last all day without a mains charge? Then the Powertraveller ‘Silverback-Gorilla’ portable power pack might be the solution.

The 60,000 mAh lithium polymer based charger can keep your laptop running for up to 14 hours, on top of your ordinary battery. You can carry this UPS with you for instant power at all times. This model has a 240 volt AC output socket as well.

The charger can be used to charge multiple devices, from a laptop to an Apple iPod. There are even two USB outputs and more than one item can be charged simultaneously.

The silverback gorilla is based inside an aluminum housing with rubber shock resistant strips. It measures 243 mm x 203 mm x 33 mm and weighs 2.5kg, so its not the most portable of devices itself.

Pricing is said to be around £300, so its a rather sizeable investment. See more over here.

Kitguru says: Not the most portable of devices.

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