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A decade of iTunes – Apple celebrate

Apple are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their iTunes service. If you head into the iTunes store there is now a feature called ‘A Decade Of iTunes’. The famous day is April 28th.

The new feature allows the user to browse a timeline of events and stories following the growth of iTunes. It starts in 2003 and shows the events around the Apple launch.

The timeline can be moved manually to analyse various dates and to get a view back at how the store appearance has been evolving over the years. Apple also highlight the media that was popular at that time.

The company are sharing the top selling songs for the various years as well, meaning you can look back at popular tracks you may have missed.

Interesting trivia shows that the top selling son on launch day April 28th 2003 was U2’s ‘Stuck In A Moment’.

Kitguru says: Take a trip back in time.

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